A cut above Our “big three” line up Start your meal with our most famous dishes.We are confident you’ll be blown away by our carefully cultivated flavor.

  • Start with tongue! Sendai style super-thick beef tongue 990yen (before tax)

    One of our most popular dishes, our chef’s choice beef tongue. With just the right amount of texture, both soft and juicy. This is a great place to start your meal!

  • You won’t be able to stop once you try our special sauce. Japanese beef select kalbi 990yen (before tax)

    The finest selection of Japanese Black beef rib meat, with the delicate sweetness and rich savory of red meat sure to make your mouth water for more.

  • Top in class skirt steak! Premium skirt steak 990yen (before tax)

    Our experienced buyers go to the source to select the best. Our skirt steaks are given the highest grade, “prime” rating for Canadian beef. This rating is only given to North American cattle meeting the strictest standards. With this thickness and tenderness, this is one cut you will want to make sure you try.

One more: our local staff pick Sukiyaki brisket 890yen (before tax) Thinly sliced “misuji” brisket broiled lightly eaten with our special sauce and egg yolk for sukiyaki style yakiniku. Many people come for this popular menu item.